Grupo Printer - comunicação corporativa
  • Grupo Printer - comunicação corporativa
  • Grupo Printer - comunicação corporativa

Visibility for the good
Fundação Toyota do Brasil


Tornar os projetos e objetivos da Fundação mais conhecidos entre os públicos interno e externo da Toyota.


In the 5 years celebration of Fundação Toyota, and throughout the year, we develop a disclosure campaign, integrating:

  • Internal Communication: Totems with a quiz on Fundação Toyota do Brasil were handed over by Toyota plants. The employees that scored highest traveled to Pantanal, to meet Projeto Arara Azul.

  • Advertising Campaign: The national campaign, which lasted a year, has beheld ads in magazines, spots on radios and banners on the Internet.

  • Promotional Action: Fundação Toyota has also attended the Japan Festival and São Paulo Motor Show, both in the capital of São Paulo.

  • Events: Executives, journalists and opinion makers were invited to travel to Pantanal and Costa dos Corais, to follow the projects of the Fundação.

Services: Public Relations, Press Relations, Publicity and Advertising, Internal Communication, Events


Grupo Printer - comunicação corporativa

84% of the employees attended the campaign. The highest adherence to an internal campaign from Toyota

Grupo Printer - comunicação corporativa

From April to July 2014, 60 articles were published in the media, with explicit quotes to the 5 years of Fundação Toyota do Brasil.

Grupo Printer - comunicação corporativa

R$ 77 million in media return

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